Animals Making The Case For Neko—And Vice Versa

It's not enough to be one of our finest singer-songwriters; NEKO CASE is also a veteran vocal advocate of animal welfare issues. She explains her raison d'etre to DUNCAN STRAUSS in another stellar TA installment.

After 30 ‘Bizarro’ Years, Dan Piraro Is Going…Somewhere Else…Maybe…Who Knows?

After 30 years, DAN PIRARO is retiring his popular syndicated comic 'Bizarro,' which has often reflected his interest in animal rights. DUNCAN STRAUSS gets the lowdown on what's next--and when.


It’s All Too Beautiful: Nellie McKay Sounds Off on…Everything

NELLIE MCKAY is never at a loss for words--about animals, the '60s, her new album (MY WEEKLY READER)--and she told it as it is in a lively TALKING ANIMALS interview with DUNCAN STRAUSS

John W. James: Grief Guru to Bereaved Pet Owners

Lessons learned from the loss of a son inspired JOHN W. JAMES to develop a method of grief recovery for those mourning a different kind of loss--of beloved pets. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the story.


Pandemonium’s Michele Raffin: A Real Bird Brain

A chance meeting with an injured bird changed the course of MICHELE RAFFIN's life. Now the founder of PANDEMONIUM AVIARIES is committed to preserving endangered bird species, right in her own back yard.

Everybody Loves Vint!

In his acclaimed book The Soul of All Living Creatures, DR. VINT VIRGA offers a spiritual-oriented examination of the connection between humans and animals. He explains further to our DUNCAN STRAUSS in TALKING ANIMALS


Swinging the Pendulum on Pit Bulls

Esquire writer-at-large TOM JUNOD is among those leading the charge to change public perceptions about pit bulls. TALKING ANIMALS host DUNCAN STRAUSS sits down with Junod to clear the air about these misunderstood canines.

Jackson Galaxy: Feline Miracle Worker

An exclusive interview with JACKSON GALAXY, the feline miracle worker and host of Animal Planet's popular 'MY CAT FROM HELL'


‘She Proves to Me That Every Life is a Gift’: The Zen of Dillie the Deer

Born blind, rejected by her mother, Dillie the Deer has found a home with veterinarian Dr. Melanie Butera and her husband. Inside their home. In her own bedroom. And on her own webcam. DUNCAN STRAUSS explains it all.

Lily Tomlin & The Elephants In the Room (and On the Planet)

A few years ago LILY TOMLIN became engrossed in an effort to move two elephants from the L.A. Zoo to a sanctuary. Now she's championing the humane treatment of the big fellas in an HBO documentary, AN APOLOGY TO ELEPHANTS.


It’s a Giraffe! It’s a Horse! It’s a Zebra!
No, It’s an Okapi, the Odd Duck of the Congo

A giraffe head plopped on a dark brown horse body with the rump and legs of a zebra--not a mistake from the Animal Design Studio, but a real animal, the okapi, the last large animal discovered in Africa. And John Lukas has been...

A 2nd Chance for Orphaned Pets

Pets orphaned by their deceased or ill owners are an at-risk group. AMY SHEVER, founder of 2nd CHANCE 4 PETS, is about making sure these animals don't wind up discarded in shelters.