Speaking of Family and Cultural Identity

An exclusive JULES interview with award winning illustrator JUANA MARTINEZ NEAL, whose new picture book, ALMA AND HOW SHE GOT HER NAME, celebrates cultural identity.

The O’Hara Sisters’ ‘Dark Fairy Tale’ by Jules

Featuring HORTENSE AND THE SHADOW, 'a dark fairy tale' by NATALIE and LAUREN O'HARA, a writer-and-illustrator sister team with a new book inspired by stories told on snowy nights by their Polish grandmother.


Christian Robinson: A Child’s Eye-View of Birthdays

A pre-publication look at WHERE'S MY BIRTHDAY, by poet JULIE FOGLIANO with illustrations by CHRISTIAN ROBINSON. This picture bookcelebrates the thrill children get when anticipating a birthday and all that comes with it.

Poverty and Child Labor in 28 pages

in I LIKE, I DON'T LIKE, author ANNA BACCELLIERE, with illustrators ALE+ALE, offers young readers a thought provoking look at how child labor destroys childhood.


My Beautiful Birds

In MY BEAUTIFUL BIRDS author SUZANNE DEL RIZZO addresses young readers with an instructive, very human tale about the plight of Syrian refugees, told from a young refugee's point of view.

The Secret Project

How do you explain the atomic bomb to children? JULES says a new book, THE SECRET PROJECT, by JONAH WINTER and JEANETTE WINTER, is 'a compelling introduction to this topic.' The first review is here.


The Wind of the Book

Marking her tenth year of blogging, JULES offers informed insights into ANNE HERBAUT's award winning (in the author's native France) WHAT COLOR IS THE WIND?

Harold’s Hungry Eyes

KEVIN WALDRON's new picture book, HAROLD'S HUNGRY EYES, is as funny and instructive as his drawings are evocative. Illustrations abound and JULES offers her critical perspective to boot.


Featuring Frank Morrison

Illustrator FRANK MORRISON catches JULES's attention this month with his work in PAT ZEITLOW MILLER's THE QUICKEST KID IN CLARKSVILLE, in which Olympic great WILMA RUDOLPH makes a cameo and the story makes a point.

Revisiting Dire Lullabies to Great Effect with Linda Ashman and Simona Mulazzani

LINDA ASHMAN's ROCK-A-BYE ROMP, with illustrations by SIMONA MUJAZZANI, is an early 2016 treat. Jules's review of same is another early 2016 treat.


Momo & OHora (& Frank Zappa) Before Breakfast

JULES interviews author-illustrator ZACHARIAH OHORA about his newest picture book, MY COUSIN MOMO, and shows some of his fine illustrations. FRANK ZAPPA and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART show up too.

Akiko Miyakoshi: Pure Magic

In this installment, JULES waxes properly rhapsodic about author-illustrator AKIKO MIYAKOSHI's new book, THE TEA PARTY IN THE WOODS: 'The visuals are pure magic.'