Joseph FireCrow Jr. Walks On

Remembering JOSEPH FIRECROW, cultural ambassador and GRAMMY winning Northern Cheyenne flute player, who walked on at age 58.

‘So Keith Richards Says to Me…’

On the advice of KEITH RICHARDS, KEVIN FITZGERALD transformed himself from Stones bouncer to superstar veterinarian. And standup comic. True that.


Otherworldly and Of Their World

Coming of age throughout China: a new generation of artists who explore and sometimes confound local traditions. Many are heard for the first time outside their native land on LOST IN CHINA.

Beauty, Ease and Contemplation in Equal Measure

Beautiful and moving, this recording of song cycles by JONATHAN DOVE, rendered with sensitivity and passion by MARY WHATELY, draws on poems by the likes of EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY.


My Summer Romance (2017 Edition)

Four reflections on summer romances come and gone, with music of a decidedly French twist by EDITH PIAF, JULIETTE GRECO, MELODY GARDOT and, au contraire, CAROLE KING

Surf in Verse (2017 Edition)

Our annual roundup of poetry inspired by the surfing experience and largely written by surfers. The spirituality of the natural world comes alive in verse. With musical interludes to boot.


New Frontiers in Sustainable Agriculture

Urban farms in Vancouver, BC, and Encintas, CA, are doing great things for their communities and for local growers. Plus, 10 urban female farmers planting seeds of change.

Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole

‘If future observations confirm this team’s findings, this would be the first birth of a black hole ever witnessed and the first failed supernova ever discovered’


All That Heaven Allows (1955)

No one made movies quite like DOUGLAS SIRK, and ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS is one of his landmarks. Also featured: the first MIGHTY MOUSE cartoons.

‘Less Common is a Bach Album Like This’

CHRIS THILE, YO-YO MA and EDGAR MEYER honor the source yet bring a healthy non-classical pedigree to 17 Bach compositions on BACH TRIOS


Poverty and Child Labor in 28 pages

in I LIKE, I DON'T LIKE, author ANNA BACCELLIERE, with illustrators ALE+ALE, offers young readers a thought provoking look at how child labor destroys childhood.

The Cat’s Pajamas of Social Media

If you’re contemplating raising your kids without any pets in the home, you should know that one could turn out to be a man who raps about cats.