Ghost Forest

RON HUNTER, founder/editor of Nature, recently found a much different scene than he had anticipated when he encountered 'a self-healing natural cycle in the red fir-lodgepole pine forests of the Sierra Nevada.'

Walking, Fully Walking, in Life

I not only saw, heard and touched “nature,” I even tasted it. It “tastes” beautiful. And I feel “rich.”


Natural Comfort

When she got lost in ALLEGANY STATE PARK as a child, KIMBERLY DANIELS found unexpected comfort in the natural world.

A Great Storm in Utah

From his collections of essay published in 1819, JOHN MUIR recounts 'A Storm in Utah,' and proves himself as insightful about the 'salt Latter Days' as he is poetic about the forces of nature.


The Music of Nature

From his outstanding 1878 book MUSIC AND SOME HIGHLY MUSICAL PEOPLE, the distinguished African-American author JAMES M. TROTTER exults in 'the music of Nature'

A Walk Along Iceland’s Volcanic Rift

WALKING THE VOLCANIC RIFT: Iceland is literally tearing apart at a rate of one inch per year, separating the North American tectonic plate from the European plate and creating unparalleled landscapes.


Galen Clark

The Yosemite Valley's first Guardian, GALEN CLARK taught others about the mysteries of the giant sequoias and worked tirelessly to protect Yosemite. In his book THE YOSEMITE, JOHN MUIR told Clark's story.

Here Comes the Sun-lit Bouquet

In HERE COMES THE SUN-LIT BOUQUET, TOUKTA WONGSE-ONT gains inspiration from fresh flowers, author SARAH ORNE JEWETT, poet ROBERT FROST and a BEATLES song in arriving at a new perspective on her father's passing.


Spring in Verse

Spring cannot arrive too soon, and we anticipate its arrival in verse from SHAKESPEARE, EMILY DICKINSON, WILLIAM WORDSWORTH and other, and in song from MARK O'CONNOR, VIVALDI et al.


By John Muir In 1879 John Muir went to Alaska for the first time. Its stupendous living glaciers aroused his unbounded interest, for they enabled him to verify his theories of glacial action. Again and again he returned to this...


The Floating World

Can the Japanese today really look to Mother Nature to find out who they are? A visit to Hawaii spurs writer TOKUTA WONGSE-ONT to reflect on the lost 'floating world' that once was the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ladders to Heaven: A Legend

Famous as a children's book author in the mid-1800s, JULIANA HORATIA EWING was also devoted to 'the practical cultivation of flowers,' as is evident in her paaen to lilies in 'Ladders to Heaven: A Legend,' published in 1891, f...