‘Grass Is the Forgiveness of Nature—Her Constant Benediction’

In 1872 Kansas Sen. JOHN JAMES INGALLS, one of the U.S. Senate's most eloquent voices, praised the vitality of the tallgrass prairie in IN PRAISE OF BLUEGRASS--and he wasn't talking music.

Doubtful Lake

NATURES TEMPLE: One of the great women of 20th Century American letters chronicles her extraordinary hike in 1918 from Doubtful Lake to the Cascade Mountains. From her book Tenting To-Night.


Surf in Verse

SURF IN VERSE: Our annual feature marking summer's arrival. This month we spotlight, exclusively, the poetry of BRYAN KNOWLES, who has posted a wealth of his original poetry at the website Surf Poetry.com. Also: some choice SUR...

Ladders to Heaven: A Legend

Famous as a children's book author in the mid-1800s, JULIANA HORATIA EWING was also devoted to 'the practical cultivation of flowers,' as is evident in her paaen to lilies in 'Ladders to Heaven: A Legend,' published in 1891, f...


Here Comes the Sun-lit Bouquet

In HERE COMES THE SUN-LIT BOUQUET, TOUKTA WONGSE-ONT gains inspiration from fresh flowers, author SARAH ORNE JEWETT, poet ROBERT FROST and a BEATLES song in arriving at a new perspective on her father's passing.


Celebrating the beauty and complexity of Autumn with a little help from our friend JOHN KEATS...


Written In the Land

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of over 25,000 years of Aboriginal occupation within this area, and Kakadu's rock art (gunbim) represents the longest historical record of any group of people in the world

A Great Storm in Utah

From his collections of essay published in 1819, JOHN MUIR recounts 'A Storm in Utah,' and proves himself as insightful about the 'salt Latter Days' as he is poetic about the forces of nature.


Surf in Verse — June 2014

Riding the waves has inspired some surfers to break out in verse to explain their connection to the waves and Mother Earth. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones provide the soundtrack.

Natural Comfort

When she got lost in ALLEGANY STATE PARK as a child, KIMBERLY DANIELS found unexpected comfort in the natural world.


Spring in Verse, In Romania and In Song

Nature’s Temple: we celebrate Spring with RUBY & THE ROMANTICS, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, e.e. cummings and others..

A Walk Along Iceland’s Volcanic Rift

WALKING THE VOLCANIC RIFT: Iceland is literally tearing apart at a rate of one inch per year, separating the North American tectonic plate from the European plate and creating unparalleled landscapes.