The Cautionary Tale of Jenny Wren

From his last published novel, Our Mutual Friend, comes the tale of Jenny Wren, a character Dickens uses to illustrate the damage adult alcoholics inflict on their offspring. Vividly drawn, altogether unforgettable, and the ins...

Charles Dickens And Music: Some Noted Singers (Chapter VII)

Continuing our bicentennial salute to Charles Dickens, this month's installment of James. T. Lightwood's 1912 treatise Charles Dickens and Music focuses on "Some Noted Singers."


What Christmas Is As We Grow Older

Writing in his twopenny weekly, Household Words, in 1851, CHARLES DICKENS penned one of his most thoughtful Yuletide pieces, 'What Christmas Is As We Grow Older,' comprising thoughts arising against a backdrop of great personal...

Charles Dickens & Music

The latest installment of James T. Lightwood’s 1912 study, Charles Dickens And Music with Chapter VI: Songs and Some Singers. Continuing our year-long bicentennial salute to the great author.