Harpsichord In a New World

MAHAN ESFAHANI continues to break new ground for the harpsichord on his latest CD, TIME PRESENT AND TIME PAST. Review by ROBERT HUGILL.

If the Magnificent Landscapes of Wales Sang…

JOSEPH NEWSOME of VOIX DES ARTS takes stock of a fine new setting of composer ALAN HODDINOTT's SONG CYCLES AND FOLK SONGS featuring NICKY SPENCE and CLAIRE BOOTH, among others.


To Fresh Buds

Navona Records has issued a complete disc of composer GREGORY W. BROWN's music on MOONSTRUNG AIR, performed by NEW YORK POLYPHONY and THE CROSSING.

A Dazzling French Connection

After dazzling the opera world on stage last year, Belgium's SONYA YONCHEVA is doing it on record, with her debut album, PARIS, MON AMOUR--a different sort of French connection. Also: TRIO MEDIAEVAL.


Lara St. John and Friends Do Schubert Right

The talented eccentric, LARA ST. JOHN, is back with a group of formidable friends with a 'Schubertiade,' an exciting exploration of 15 tunes written by Schubert and scintillatingly rendered on disc.

An Imaginative Exploration of The Sound-World of The Early Celtic Church

Music composer ROBERT HUGILL's review leads this appraisal of a fascinating, haunting new album exploring the sound of the early Celtic church.


‘Constantly Moving Between the Centuries…’

As they did on 2013's Mediterraneo, CHRISTINA PLUHAR & L'ARPGIATTA take a different approach, this time on the 17th century music of England's greatest composer, HENRY PURCELL

To The Birthday Bard, Ever Young at 450

Commemorating Shakespeare's 450th birthday, the ULSTER ORCHESTRA, under the direction of conductor JoAnn Falletta, offers two timeless Bard-related compositions by JOHN KNOWLES PAINE.


‘Please Enjoy This Album. Or Don’t! Whatever.’

Does classical music drive loiterers out of public places? Studies say so, and violinist GIL SHAHAM is counting on his music to further the burgeoning trend on MUSIC TO DRIVE LOITERERS AWAY. He hopes everyone enjoys the album. ...

The Many ‘Worlds’ of Mandolinist Extraordinaire Avi Avital

Israeli-born mandolinist AVI AVITAL is blurring the classical-folk lines anew with BETWEEN WORLDS, featuring the work of 'classical composers inspired by folk music.'


A Fresh Take on Fibich

Among Czech nationalistic composers, Zdenek Fibich's work has been woefully overlooked. The Czech National Symphony offers a partial corrective on its new CD.

Melody and Drama from a Baroque Master

As part of CECILIA BARTOLI's Steffani Project, I BAROCCHISTI, under the direction of DIEGO FASOLIS, has recorded 'a first-class collection of instrumental suites and movements from Agosto Steffani's operas, DANZE E OUVETURES. P...