Light In Shadow

An interview with SHULAMITT OTTOLENGHI about the 10-year journey that produced her powerful new CD, FOR YOU THE SUN WILL SHINE: SONGS OF WOMEN OF THE SHOAH

The Past and the Future Power of West African Rock

Mali's BASSEKOU KOUYATÉ & NGONI BA reach electrifying heights on BA POWER, on which Kouyaté’ continues exploring 21st Century possibilities of the ancient ngnoi lute.


The Charmed Third Moment of Stardom

Appraising a long-overdue retrospective of towering Cuban singer ABELARDO BAROSSO and 14 essential recordings he made with ORQUESTA SENSACION

The Biologist’s Folk Songs

Inspired by Moravian folk songs transcribed by Dr. Vladimir Ulehla, DAVALA--the duo of ARAM BAJAKIAN and Dr. Ulehla's daughter, JULIE ULEHLA--reinvigorate those songs for modern ears.


Cascada de Flores: Reimagining Latin American Radio’s Golden Era

On RADIO FLOR, CASCADA DE FLORES brings the beauty of a distant era of Mexican radio into the present, very much alive and in full bloom.

Listen. Remember.

Canadian-born singer-songwriter ALEJANDRA RIBERA talks about one of this year's most mesmerizing albums, her own 'LA BOCA'


Last Chants

Hardcore drummer/photographer JASON HAMACHER discusses a journey that took him on a years-long quest to find and record some of the world’s oldest yet least known liturgical music, in a country that eventually devolved into c...

A Portrait of His Hungarian Soul

Gypsy music is pure passion, and that's what Hungarian-born violinist FERENC ILLENYI mines on his album GYPSY DREAM, in which he immerses himself in exploring all the varied facets of gypsy music.


Juaneco y su Combo and The Birth of Jungle Cumbia

Out of the Peruvian jungle in the late '60s came JUANECO y su COMBO with a new sound known as Jungle Cumbia. Two new releases highlight the band's incredible music and tragic-laden history. This is an event.

The Power of a Song

GHANDI's inspiring Salt March of 1930 provides the inspiration for a powerful new album by CHANDRIKA KRISHNAMURTHY TANDON, who reimagines the 241-mile trek, which led to India's independence, for a new generation. Interview and...


She’s Got Hand

Born in Vietnam, now residing in the U.S., VAN-ANH VANESSA VO employs her country's traditional instruments in compelling fashion on her new album, THREE-MOUNTAIN PASS.

Enlightened Moodism

East meets East in a mesmerizing collaboration between Russian pianist-composter ANTON BATAGOV and Tibetan singer YUNGCHEN LHAMO on the haunting album TAYATHA. In our interview, this musical odd couple explains it all.