The String and The Source

On Néo, KAORU WATANABE celebrates 'going upward, connecting to the divine...the unity that binds us to something greater.' It's the master Taiko multi-instrumentalist/composer's finest hour.

Listen. Remember.

Canadian-born singer-songwriter ALEJANDRA RIBERA talks about one of this year's most mesmerizing albums, her own 'LA BOCA'


The Wonders of the Beggar’s Kingdom

With its 2012 album, The Wonders of the Beggar’s Kingdom, Lithuania's Sutaras went beyond cheery celebrations of its native land’s music and culture and addressed the reality of the outside world where most live in 'uncerta...

Border Crossing, In Spite of It All

Can music help to break down the very borders Brexit seeks to impose? Herein, perhaps, is one answer, as artists from across Europe speak a common language about the human condition that politics cannot put asunder.


‘Welcome Has No Boundaries’

Zimbabwe's beloved OLIVER 'TUKU' MTUKUDZI has released his 61st album, SARAWOGA, of songs of hope and respect. 'There's always something to talk about,' he tells us, and then proves it.

Enlightened Moodism

East meets East in a mesmerizing collaboration between Russian pianist-composter ANTON BATAGOV and Tibetan singer YUNGCHEN LHAMO on the haunting album TAYATHA. In our interview, this musical odd couple explains it all.


Down and Dirty Strings

On his Stringtet's new album, In the Gallery, composer/guitarist JASON SEED, unites classical players, jazz freedom and imaginary folk music. Jason explains it all in our interview.

Cascada de Flores: Reimagining Latin American Radio’s Golden Era

On RADIO FLOR, CASCADA DE FLORES brings the beauty of a distant era of Mexican radio into the present, very much alive and in full bloom.


On Dawning, Saffron Engages East and West In Service to Rumi’s Impassioned Insights

On Dawning, its new album, Saffron engages East and West in service to the Persian Sufi poet Rumi's impassioned insights. World music at its most moving, this.

‘Speak Less, But Let Each Note Come From The Soul’

On its eponymous debut album Bolo Bolo makes the connections between different cultures and traditions and forges them into something new


De Paris, Tout pour l’amour

Juliette Katz is setting the Continent on fire–is America next? Anticipation is building in Europe for the breakout prospects of 22-year-old Parisian songstress Juliette Katz, who is being favorably compared to Adele, alt...

Equal Opportunity Vibe

Vintage Calypso is alive and Berlin, where LORD MOUSE AND THE KALYPSO KATZ are packing 'em in with their swaying beats, hot horns and bold lyrics. Go Calypso is the group's new album, explained herein by Lord Mouse hi...