Border Crossing, In Spite of It All

Can music help to break down the very borders Brexit seeks to impose? Herein, perhaps, is one answer, as artists from across Europe speak a common language about the human condition that politics cannot put asunder.

Expressing the Power and Beauty of Difference

A powerful commentary on migration, refugees and human rights, the multicultural RAFIKI JAZZ's third album, HAR DAM SAHARA, speaks eloquently to our time.


Otherworldly and Of Their World

Coming of age throughout China: a new generation of artists who explore and sometimes confound local traditions. Many are heard for the first time outside their native land on LOST IN CHINA.

Klezmer? Gypsies? Schubert? Yes!

Schubert's classic C Major Quintet re-invented by ZRI, a Hungarian klezmer band, in a revelatory performance following the group's acclaimed 2014 gypsy interpretations of Brahms's music


Music to Entrance, Uplift and Break Your Heart

Manchester, England's THE BREATH features guitarist STUART MCCALLUM and vocalist RIOGHNACH CONNOLLY delving deeply into the spaces between rock, ambient and Irish folk

The String and The Source

On Néo, KAORU WATANABE celebrates 'going upward, connecting to the divine...the unity that binds us to something greater.' It's the master Taiko multi-instrumentalist/composer's finest hour.


‘We’re Trying to Unpack The Mind’

ADITYA and MYTHILI PRAKASH have brought the peculiar rush and seductive snares of the mind’s inner workings to moving, singing life with MARA, a multimedia performance and album.

Heart, Homeland, Overtones

'When you talk about the accordion you talk about the identity of Galicia.' So says Galician accordion virtuoso VICTOR PRIETO, who explores unexpected dimensions of tone and texture on his new album, THE THREE VOICES.


Harnessing the Power of Russian History and Personal Longing

Seven years in the making, JULIA VORONTSOVA's 'OVER' 'is my vision of me,' the artist proclaims, adding: 'I feel between eras.'

Virtual Vinyl and the Soul of Brazil

Boasting more #1 hits in Brazil than any other female artist, the provocative DANIELA MERCURY returns with VIRTUAL VINYL, the latest chapter in her electric, soulful and always passionate story...


First Stirrings of a New Duduk Master

ARSEN PETROSYAN is being hailed as the new torchbearer of Armenian duduk. On his debut album, CHARENTSAVAN: MUSIC FOR ARMENIAN DUDUK, the prodigy makes a powerful impression.

‘Speak Less, But Let Each Note Come From The Soul’

On its eponymous debut album Bolo Bolo makes the connections between different cultures and traditions and forges them into something new