Equal Opportunity Vibe

Vintage Calypso is alive and well...in Berlin, where LORD MOUSE AND THE KALYPSO KATZ are packing 'em in with their swaying beats, hot horns and bold lyrics. Go Calypso is the group's new album, explained herein by Lord Mouse hi...

The Past and the Future Power of West African Rock

Mali's BASSEKOU KOUYATÉ & NGONI BA reach electrifying heights on BA POWER, on which Kouyaté’ continues exploring 21st Century possibilities of the ancient ngnoi lute.


Found Sounds and A Cry of Conscience: Filastine Takes It To the Streets (Literally)

At the intersection of unabashed globalism and bass music, the wandering arts instigator FILASTINE takes dance music to its outer-national limits on £00T, incorporating and dismantling lush sounds from North Africa, Brazil, Ja...

Otherworldly and Of Their World

Coming of age throughout China: a new generation of artists who explore and sometimes confound local traditions. Many are heard for the first time outside their native land on LOST IN CHINA.


Enlightened Moodism

East meets East in a mesmerizing collaboration between Russian pianist-composter ANTON BATAGOV and Tibetan singer YUNGCHEN LHAMO on the haunting album TAYATHA. In our interview, this musical odd couple explains it all.

Light In Shadow

An interview with SHULAMITT OTTOLENGHI about the 10-year journey that produced her powerful new CD, FOR YOU THE SUN WILL SHINE: SONGS OF WOMEN OF THE SHOAH


A-Caroling They Go…

Everyone knows about 'A Child's Christmas in Wales,' thanks to Dylan Thomas's eloquence, but what exactly goes on in Wales at Christmas? Well, a lot of caroling, for one. This month's Border Crossings takes a look at "Christmas...

Expressing the Power and Beauty of Difference

A powerful commentary on migration, refugees and human rights, the multicultural RAFIKI JAZZ's third album, HAR DAM SAHARA, speaks eloquently to our time.


She’s Got Hand

Born in Vietnam, now residing in the U.S., VAN-ANH VANESSA VO employs her country's traditional instruments in compelling fashion on her new album, THREE-MOUNTAIN PASS.

‘Speak Less, But Let Each Note Come From The Soul’

On its eponymous debut album Bolo Bolo makes the connections between different cultures and traditions and forges them into something new


Southern Strategy: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Brings the Music and Culture of Italy’s ‘Heel’ to the World at Large

Southern Strategy: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is making waves bringing an updated version of the traditional pizzica music and the culture of Italy's 'heel'--Salento-to the world at large.

Border Crossing, In Spite of It All

Can music help to break down the very borders Brexit seeks to impose? Herein, perhaps, is one answer, as artists from across Europe speak a common language about the human condition that politics cannot put asunder.