Black Hole

‘Cry’ of a Shredded Star Heralds a New Era for Testing Relativity

‘This gives us an opportunity to explore the nature of black holes and test Einstein’s relativity at a time when the universe was very different than it is today,’ Last year, astronomers discovered a quiescent...

Curiosity Rover Delivers Billion-Pixel View of Mars

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover delivers the first gigapixel image from the Red Planet's surface in a panoramic view that captures actual Mars lighting conditions.


NASA’s Chandra Observatory Finds Cosmic Showers Halt Galaxy Growth

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has uncovered surprising news about a process that is stifling star formation in a distant galaxy cluster. It's been going on for 7 billion years.

Oldest Recorded Supernova: Last Remnants of Chinese ‘Guest Star’ of 185 A.D.

A truly cool image, combined from data from four different space telescopes, shows all that remains of the oldest documented example of supernova RCW 86, which the Chinese documented in 185 A.D. as a mysterious "guest star" in ...


NASA’s Chandra Sees Eclipsing Planet in X-rays for First Time

For the first time since exoplanets, or planets around stars other than the sun, were discovered almost 20 years ago, X-ray observations have detected an exoplanet passing in front of its parent star.

Hubble Sees a Supermassive, Super-hungry Galaxy

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has located spiral galaxy NGC 4845, more than 65 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin). At its glowing center is a supermassive black hole.


Cause and Effect

CAUSE AND EFFECT: When the sun spit out a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) on Oct. 5, a brilliant aurora appeared three days later over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. When Earth-directed, CMEs can affect electronic systems in sate...

Awesome Images from Hubble & New Insights into Coma Galaxies

Amazing pictures from the constellation Antlia (aka The Air Pump)and activity in the dwarf galaxy ESO 540-31 courtesy Hubble + new findings in the Coma galaxies.


NASA Mission Reveals Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere

NASA's MAVEN has produced data enabling researchers to determine the rate at which the Martian atmosphere is losing gas to space via solar wind.

NASA’S Fermi Measures Cosmic ‘Fog’ Produced by Ancient Starlight

Astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have made the most accurate measurement of starlight in the universe and used it to establish the total amount of light from all of the stars that have ever sho...


Long Time Gone: Neptune’s ‘Lost’ Moon Is Found Again

Naiad, NEPTUNE's 'lost' moon has been spotted for the first time in more than 20 years. Also: the sounds of Neptune, where the wind blows at 700 MPH, as recorded by Voyager 1 before it left the solar system.

First Global Topographic Model of Mercury

NASA’s MESSENGER mission has unveiled the first global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Mercury, revealing in stunning detail the topography across the entire innermost planet.