A Most Happy Fella Indeed

From TheBluegrassSpecial.com archives: an exclusive profile of JERRY KELLER, whose 1959 smash, 'HERE COMES SUMMER,' is a seasonal classic. That's not all he did.

The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

Remade and reimagined (even on a Gilligan's Island episode) many times, Irving Pichel's 1932 classic original of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME uses KING KONG sets and its stars, FAY WRAY and ROBERT ARMSTRONG. Plus: Betty Boop's "Minn...


Animals Making The Case For Neko—And Vice Versa

It's not enough to be one of our finest singer-songwriters; NEKO CASE is also a veteran vocal advocate of animal welfare issues. She explains her raison d'etre to DUNCAN STRAUSS in another stellar TA installment.

Our Shrinking Woods

In his essay 'Our Shrinking Woods,' guest columnist GREG KIELBACK considers how 'industrialized corporate farming techniques have altered the structure of agriculture and therefore our communities.'


Equal Opportunity Vibe

Vintage Calypso is alive and well...in Berlin, where LORD MOUSE AND THE KALYPSO KATZ are packing 'em in with their swaying beats, hot horns and bold lyrics. Go Calypso is the group's new album, explained herein by Lord Mouse hi...

My Summer Romance (2016 Edition)

Four sweet reminiscences of summer romances, with music by Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Donovan, The Lovin' Spoonful, Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold--even Journey.


She’s Got Hand

Born in Vietnam, now residing in the U.S., VAN-ANH VANESSA VO employs her country's traditional instruments in compelling fashion on her new album, THREE-MOUNTAIN PASS.

A Classic Restored

Long unavailable on these shores in CD form, a Christmas classic from GLEN CAMPBELL, 1968's THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING, has finally been reissued by Capitol Nashville. Noel!


Waterloo & Trafalgar: A Thought Provoking Story of War and Peace

An advance look at Olivier Tallec's new book, Waterloo & Trafalgar, 'a story told in only blue, orange and black,' another masterful example of the author's exceptional skills with visual storytelling.

Unraveling the ‘Redskins’ Lie: Americans Don’t Know Native History

KEVIN GOVER, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, on the role of museums in correcting Americans' misperceptions about Native Americans; Honor the Earth protests the Sandpiper Pipeline; review o...


The Passionate Style

By Claudio Monteverdi Italian composer, gambist, and singer Claudio Giovanni Monteverdi is often regarded as revolutionary in that his work marked the transition from the Renaissance style of music to that of the Baroque period...

The Kiowas’ Sacred Longhorn Mountain Under Siege in Oklahoma

In southwest Oklahoma the LONGHORN MOUNTAIN, sacred site to the Kiowa people, is in jeopardy of being turned to rubble by a gravel mining operation. Mining has stalled but the threat remains.