Speaking of Family and Cultural Identity

An exclusive JULES interview with award winning illustrator JUANA MARTINEZ NEAL, whose new picture book, ALMA AND HOW SHE GOT HER NAME, celebrates cultural identity.

Awakening & Transformation in India

In 1986 ERIKA ABRAMS was persuaded by her husband to visit India. An awakening and transformative experience ensued, leading to the formation of ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED.


A Most Happy Fella Indeed

From TheBluegrassSpecial.com archives: an exclusive profile of JERRY KELLER, whose 1959 smash, 'HERE COMES SUMMER,' is a seasonal classic. That's not all he did.

Feeling Nature’s Rhythms, Mystery and Spiritual Beauty

So Scottish composer/pianist ALEXANDER CHAPMAN CAMPBELL went for a long walk through Norway and lo! A beautiful album materialized...


Feeling Nature’s Rhythms, Mystery and Spiritual Beauty

A sequence of nine evocative, often poignant solo piano pieces by the young Scottish composer/pianist Alexander Chapman Campbell, inspired by a walk through Norwegian mountains

Dragstrip Riot (1958)

Teenagers gone wild! From 1958, Deep Roots Theater presents DRAGSTRIP RIOT. Featuring generational clashes, mayhem and a kind of rock 'n' roll, with FAY WRAY as the mother, CONNIE STEVENS in her third movie.


Echoes From A Distant Time

IN ECHO , an ensemble devoted to 16th and 17th century music, offers MUSIC IN A COLD CLIMATE, a selection of songs from a time when the seafaring nations of Northern Europe were connected culturally and commercially by the Hans...

I Smell a Rat, A Rat Smells Danger

APOPO, a Tanzania-based non-profit organization, is having great success training African giant-pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. You read that right. Join Duncan Strauss for the scoop.


Classical Perspectives: Richly Sophisticated

In life he was eclipsed by the shadow of his great pupil, Henry Purcell, and ensuing centuries have seen the 17th century composer JOHN BLOW nigh on to completely forgotten. Until this glorious moment.

An Atmosphere Around the Moon?

Water on the Moon? New research suggests billions of years ago the Moon had an atmosphere composed primarily of carbon monoxide, sulfur and water, much like that of Mars today. And where there is water...


Border Crossing, In Spite of It All

Can music help to break down the very borders Brexit seeks to impose? Herein, perhaps, is one answer, as artists from across Europe speak a common language about the human condition that politics cannot put asunder.

The O’Hara Sisters’ ‘Dark Fairy Tale’ by Jules

Featuring HORTENSE AND THE SHADOW, 'a dark fairy tale' by NATALIE and LAUREN O'HARA, a writer-and-illustrator sister team with a new book inspired by stories told on snowy nights by their Polish grandmother.