Black Hole

‘Cry’ of a Shredded Star Heralds a New Era for Testing Relativity

‘This gives us an opportunity to explore the nature of black holes and test Einstein’s relativity at a time when the universe was very different than it is today,’ Last year, astronomers discovered a quiescent...

Found Sounds and A Cry of Conscience: Filastine Takes It To the Streets (Literally)

At the intersection of unabashed globalism and bass music, the wandering arts instigator FILASTINE takes dance music to its outer-national limits on £00T, incorporating and dismantling lush sounds from North Africa, Brazil, Ja...


Otherworldly and Of Their World

Coming of age throughout China: a new generation of artists who explore and sometimes confound local traditions. Many are heard for the first time outside their native land on LOST IN CHINA.

‘Serious, Fascinating, Independent’

On ENTANGLED FORTUNES, the RED NOTE ENSEMBLE does justice to five major chamber pieces written by Scottish composer EDDIE MCGUIRE. Classical editor ROBERT HUGILL weighs in on a fine album.


A Walk Along Iceland’s Volcanic Rift

WALKING THE VOLCANIC RIFT: Iceland is literally tearing apart at a rate of one inch per year, separating the North American tectonic plate from the European plate and creating unparalleled landscapes.

Music a Remedy

In his monumental ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY, published in 1621, ROBERT BURTON argued for, among other things, music as a remedy for melancholy. It might work.


Harold’s Hungry Eyes

KEVIN WALDRON's new picture book, HAROLD'S HUNGRY EYES, is as funny and instructive as his drawings are evocative. Illustrations abound and JULES offers her critical perspective to boot.

After 30 ‘Bizarro’ Years, Dan Piraro Is Going…Somewhere Else…Maybe…Who Knows?

After 30 years, DAN PIRARO is retiring his popular syndicated comic 'Bizarro,' which has often reflected his interest in animal rights. DUNCAN STRAUSS gets the lowdown on what's next--and when.


Kansas Pacific (1953)

STERLING HAYDEN and EVE MILLER star in KANSAS PACIFIC, a fictionalized account of the struggle to build the Kansas Pacific Railway in the 1860s. Short subject: Little Lulu, 'Bargain Counter Attack.'

Sustainable Agriculture News

Sustainable Agriculture newswire: 'Ag of the Middle' is polarizing production; on the edge of Phoenix, a small-scale farmer, MAYA DAILEY, is spurring a local food movement; in Minnesota, an expanding program is providing childc...


My Summer Romance (2016 Edition)

Four sweet reminiscences of summer romances, with music by Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Donovan, The Lovin' Spoonful, Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold--even Journey.

Shimmying Down the Chimney

Not wanting to be the only artist on the planet without a Christmas album, MARIA MULDAUR delivers a holiday evergreen in MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS, recorded live in San Francisco.