Channeling Beatles, In Rarified Air

In their first new CD since 2012, the HOT CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO reimagines tunes by Lennon-McCartney and George Harrison in the gypsy jazz style of DJANGO REINHARDT.

The Throw of the Dice: Josquin’s ‘Missa Di Dadi’

With PETER PHILLIPS directing , THE TALLIS SCHOLARS return with their eleventh disc of JOSQUIN masses, a welcome release featuring two quirkly early masses, including 'Missa Di Dadi,' or 'The Dice Mass.'


Soothing Music in a Troubled Time

Self-released and Kickstarter funded, Hawaii's PACIFIC HARP PROJECT quartet has reimagined works by revered composers such as RAVEL and DEBUSSY, and added scintillating originals to the mix.

You Can Go Home Again

MARK O'CONNOR. predictably unpredictable, returns as a member of a splendid roots band featuring his wife MAGGIE, his son FORREST and his son's fiancee, KATE LEE. It's a loving family affair.


Paulie, Au Courant, Defying Time and Tide

Pure Paul McCartney, au courant, defying time and tide, towering over whomever would challenge his grandeur. Celebrate him now. David McGee reviews Paulie's self-curated 4-CD solo overview. Exit breathless.

Bringing It All Back Home

One of the best albums of 2016 was recorded in 1978 and is only now seeing the light of day. LIVE AT ROSY'S captures the great SARAH VAUGHAN in a peak moment. She was indeed the Divine One--and Sassy too.


Delightfully Evocative, Simply Beautiful

ARMONICO CONSORT, under the direction of CHRISTOPHER MONKS, delivers beauty, respite and spiritual transcendence on GREENSLEEVES: FOLK MUSIC OF THE BRITISH ISLES.

Oceanic Swells of Feeling and Musicality

On COUCHVILLE SESSIONS, DARRELL SCOTT'S 'patient, perfectionism and passion' come together in 'ocean swells of feeling and musicality,' says our DERK RICHARDSON.


Of Time and The Artist’s Heart

From Ligeti to Bill Evans to Oscar Peterson to Nina Simone to George Gershwin and others, CHRISTINA MCMASTER offers a wondrous journey through time on PINKS & BLUES. ROBERT HUGILL reviews.

Otherworldly Sensations of Time and Space

A COSMIC RHYTHM WITH EACH STROKE, by VIJAY IYER and WADADA LEO SMITH, is grounded in human feeling and promises to stand the test of time.


Feeling The Vibrations

Post-Kronos Quartet, cellist Joan Jeanrenaud has created one compelling solo work after another. Her latest, VISUAL MUSIC, delivers an unusual range of emotional wallops, says reviewer DERK RICHARDSON.


Veteran soul/blues/R&B singer-songwriter-guitarist JOHNNY RAWLS offers interesting perspectives on love, happiness and commitment on TIGER IN A CAGE. Soul lives.