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Reality Check

A Malaysian Airlines ad of recent vintage that needs to be retired, if it isn’t already. We didn’t make this up.



“A Global jet airliner, en route from London to New York, on an uneventful afternoon in the year 1961, but now reported overdue and missing. By now searched for on land, sea, and air by anguished human beings, fearful of what they might find. But you and I know where she is; you and I know what has happened. So if some moment, any moment, you hear the sound of jet engines flying atop the overcast skies, engines that sound searching and lost; engines that sound hungry for fuel, shoot up a flare or do something. That would be Global 33 trying to get home, from the Twilight Zone.”

Rod Serling’s epilogue to “The Odyssey of Flight 33,” The Twilight Zone, Season 2, Episode 18, 1961

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