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The Music Industry, Such as It Is…

Musicpage’s Music Ops Board almost daily posts advertisements announcing opportunities for musicians of all stripes to contribute songs to various projects that will in turn pay the musicians a fair wage.

For instance, on September 11 the following ad was posted at Musicpage for a job paying $3500:

An electronics manufacturer is looking for an original male/female duet for a national television spot for a new product.

Lyrics that cover relationships and complications of those are ideal, but as long as the song incorporates both male and female vocals, we will consider it.

Here are a few examples of songs (We are NOT looking for covers of these songs, they are just examples of songs we like). If you have a song that is similar to either of these, we’d like to consider it for this commercial:

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro–“Here I Am”

Lianne La Havas ft. Willy Mason–“No Room For Doubt” 

Clear, straightforward, literate, this. But from time to time a real doozy of an ad emerges that pretty much says it all about the state of the mainstream music biz.

Consider this item under the headline “A&R Looking for Artists.” Would you buy a used car from this man? Our guess is he’s been taking English lessons from Beyoncé:

I do A&R for a major label and am posting on Musicpage for the first time. I like Musicpage’s format but have to say im skeptical I will find artists here who are developed to the point they are ready.

To me “ready” means an artist who has great material, has released and sold quite a bit of music, has established several markets, tour regularly, has been written about / reviewed, etc.

Obviously the quality of your music is the most important thing, but im also interested in how many CD’s and songs you have released, sold, how many people come to see you when you gig, how often you play and what the background and experience of all the members are.

So if you feel you meet what im looking for, Id like to check out your musicpage profile. Make sure all your latest music, pix, bio, press, etc is there and all the members are linked so i can get a real feel for what everyone is all about and bring to the table.

Tell me the strongest or best three songs that that I should check out when you apply.

John Hammond, where are you when we need you?



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